In conjunction with other like-minded beekeepers, the Natural Beekeeping Trust develops and promotes a form of beekeeping that is holistic, bee-centred and chemical-free. Our own beekeeping experience clearly demonstrates that bees can thrive if they are given appropriate hives and left in peace without constant ‘management’ and chemical treatment. More than that, we believe that man’s relationship with the Bee is a microcosm of man’s relationship with all of Nature, demanding understanding and respect rather than exploitation and neglect.

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We are a small team of volunteers.  As of February 2015, we have taken on a truly inspired, part-time, assistant, who is helping us turn some of our ideas into reality.  She is paid for by your donations, for which we are immensely grateful.

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A Word about our Posts and Articles

We invite our readers to consider that our communications here are each the product of an individual, not a committee.  Authors will express views and deliberations which will often be uniquely theirs.  We would not wish it be otherwise.  In all we say and do in our work for the Trust, we celebrate our differences, unite in our love for the Bee and in our sincere desire to engender greater love by all for the bees and for the earth. (And don’t be fooled by the tag line on posts, which refers to who posted the piece, not who wrote it!)

The Trustees of the Natural Beekeeping Trust