The ‘Flow Hive’

Even some beekeepers of holistic repute either endorse the Flow Hive or sit on the fence, completely failing to see that it is not simply the invention per se that is to be deplored, it is the mindset of casual exploitation that is behind it. We are told that we can surreptitiously steal the precious winter food of the Bee without even bothering to interact with that wonderful creature. This is unthinking consumerism at its worst.

It is very surprising to see that an idea like the so called “the flow hive” gets so much attention and financial backing, when it represents a paradigm of beekeeping which undercuts the natural flow of native tissue (comb), continues the thinking of”auto mechanics of beekeeping” and continues to alienate people from this mammalian, sentient being and animal. A true flow hive would flow with the gestalt and instinctual preference of Apis Mellifera, but instead it reduces this most sacred being into a honey tap machine. What an unfortunate misunderstanding of what Honeybees are!

Michael Thiele

So strongly do we feel about the response that the concept of the so-called Flow Hive has received on social media and beekeeping blogs, that below is an updated version of our original post on the subject. Unlike other posts on this blog, this one is a joint statement by all the trustees.